Indoor Netball

The indoor netball court may traditionally have been the domain of women however; more recently indoor netball has become one of the more popular mixed team sports in Australia with the netting adding an additional element of tactics not seen in the outdoor game.

At OzSports Burleigh we now have as many mixed leagues as ladies’ leagues and the competitions continue to grow and attract interest.

We offer a range of grades and standards so no matter what level you’re at; we’ve got the right league for you!

Most of the rules of indoor netball are similar to the outdoor game, but for those who are new to the game, here’s a brief summary:

  1. There are 7 players per team, each with a designated position and zone of the court they are allowed to move in.
  2. Mixed teams are allowed a maximum of three men with restrictions on the positions they can play.
  3. Each match consists of two 18-minute halves with substitutions and player changes only permitted at half time.
  4. Indoor netball is a semi non-contact sport and defenders must stay one (1) metre from the ball carrier to avoid penalty.
  5. Teams earn four (4) points for a win, with a bonus one (1) point awarded to both teams for each ten goals scored.