Indoor Cricket

Like the other indoor sports, indoor cricket is exciting and action packed with all players constantly involved in the game.

OzSports Burleigh runs a six (6) a-side and an eight (8) a-side version of the game catering for varying standards and offering a great opportunity to socialise and interact with mates, both during and after the game.

No one misses out at indoor cricket with each player required to bat and bowl the same number of overs as their teammates. For those unfamiliar with the game here are a few of the basics;

  1. Each innings consists of 16 overs with each innings general taking about 30-35 minutes
  2. Every player bowls two overs and with their batting partner, faces four overs.
  3. Runs are scores by running between the wickets, with bonus runs awarded for hitting designated nets.
  4. If a batsman is out he loses five (5) runs from his score but remains at the crease until the four over partnership is completed.
  5. Teams also earn bonus ladder points, commonly known as “skins" by winning each comparative batting partnership.
  6. OzSports Burleigh provides qualified umpires and quality equipment to ensure an enjoyable game for all.